Rilasciato aggiornamento di Debian 12: 12.2

7 Ottobre 2023

Il progetto Debian è felice di annunciare il secondo aggiornamento della distribuzione stabile Debian 12 (nome in codice bookworm). Questo aggiornamento minore aggiunge soluzioni di problemi di sicurezza, oltre ad alcune correzioni per problemi seri. I bollettini della sicurezza sono già stati pubblicati separatamente e sono qui elencati dove possibile.

Notare che questo rilascio minore non è una nuova versione di Debian 12 ma solo un aggiornamento di alcuni pacchetti che ne fanno parte. Non è necessario buttare via il vecchio supporto di installazione di bookworm. Dopo l'installazione i pacchetti verranno aggiornati alle ultime versioni usando uno qualsiasi dei mirror Debian aggiornati.

Coloro che aggiornano il sistema frequentemente tramite non avranno molti pacchetti da aggiornare, e molti di questi sono inclusi nel rilascio minore.

Nuove immagini per l'installazione saranno presto disponibili nelle posizioni usuali.

Aggiornare una installazione esistente a questa revisione, può essere fatto configurando il sistema di gestione dei pacchetti per puntare ad uno dei tanti mirror HTTP Debian. Un elenco completo di questi mirror è disponibile qui:

Risoluzione di problemi vari

Questo aggiornamento aggiunge alcune importanti correzioni ai seguenti pacchetti (in inglese):

Pacchetto Motivo
amd64-microcode Update included microcode, including fixes for AMD Inception on AMD Zen4 processors [CVE-2023-20569]
arctica-greeter Support configuring the onscreen keyboard theme via ArcticaGreeter's gsettings; use Compact OSK layout (instead of Small) which includes special keys such as German Umlauts; fix display of authentication failure messages; use active theme rather than emerald
autofs Fix regression determining reachability on dual-stack hosts
base-files Update for the 12.2 point release
batik Fix Server Side Request Forgery issues [CVE-2022-44729 CVE-2022-44730]
boxer-data No longer install https-everywhere for Firefox
brltty xbrlapi: Do not try to start brltty with ba+a2 when unavailable; fix cursor routing and braille panning in Orca when xbrlapi is installed but the a2 screen driver is not
ca-certificates-java Work around unconfigured JRE during new installations
cairosvg Handle data: URLs in safe mode
calibre Fix export feature
clamav New upstream stable release; security fixes [CVE-2023-20197 CVE-2023-20212]
cryptmount Avoid memory initialisation issues in command line parser
cups Fix heap-based buffer overflow issue [CVE-2023-4504]; fix unauthenticated access issue [CVE-2023-32360]
curl Build with OpenLDAP to correct improper fetch of binary LDAP attributes; fix excessive memory consumption issue [CVE-2023-38039]
cyrus-imapd Ensure mailboxes are not lost on upgrades from bullseye
dar Fix issues with creating isolated catalogs when dar was built using a recent gcc version
dbus New upstream stable release; fix a dbus-daemon crash during policy reload if a connection belongs to a user account that has been deleted, or if a Name Service Switch plugin is broken, on kernels not supporting SO_PEERGROUPS; report the error correctly if getting the groups of a uid fails; dbus-user-session: Copy XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP to activation environment
debian-archive-keyring Clean up leftover keyrings in trusted.gpg.d
debian-edu-doc Update Debian Edu Bookworm manual
debian-edu-install New upstream release; adjust D-I auto-partitioning sizes
debian-installer Increase Linux kernel ABI to 6.1.0-13; rebuild against proposed-updates
debian-installer-netboot-images Rebuild against proposed-updates
debian-parl Rebuild with newer boxer-data; no longer depend on webext-https-everywhere
debianutils Fix duplicate entries in /etc/shells; manage /bin/sh in the state file; fix canonicalization of shells in aliased locations
dgit Use the old /updates security map only for buster; prevent pushing older versions than are already in the archive
dhcpcd5 Ease upgrades with leftovers from wheezy; drop deprecated ntpd integration; fix version in cleanup script
dpdk New upstream stable release
dput-ng Update permitted upload targets; fix failure to build from source
efibootguard Fix Insufficient or missing validation and sanitization of input from untrustworthy bootloader environment files [CVE-2023-39950]
electrum Fix a Lightning security issue
filezilla Fix builds for 32-bit architectures; fix crash when removing filetypes from list
firewalld Don't mix IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in a single nftables rule
flann Drop extra -llz4 from flann.pc
foot Ignore XTGETTCAP queries with invalid hex encodings
freedombox Use n= in apt preferences for smooth upgrades
freeradius Ensure TLS-Client-Cert-Common-Name contains correct data
ghostscript Fix buffer overflow issue [CVE-2023-38559]; try and secure the IJS server startup [CVE-2023-43115]
gitit Rebuild against new pandoc
gjs Avoid infinite loops of idle callbacks if an idle handler is called during GC
glibc Fix the value of F_GETLK/F_SETLK/F_SETLKW with __USE_FILE_OFFSET64 on ppc64el; fix a stack read overflow in getaddrinfo in no-aaaa mode [CVE-2023-4527]; fix use after free in getcanonname [CVE-2023-4806 CVE-2023-5156]; fix _dl_find_object to return correct values even during early startup
gosa-plugins-netgroups Silence deprecation warnings in web interface
gosa-plugins-systems Fix management of DHCP/DNS entries in default theme; fix adding (standalone) Network printer systems; fix generation of target DNs for various system types; fix icon rendering in DHCP servlet; enforce unqualified hostname for workstations
gtk+3.0 New upstream stable release; fix several crashes; show more information in the inspector debugging interface; silence GFileInfo warnings if used with a backported version of GLib; use a light colour for the caret in dark themes, making it much easier to see in some apps, in particular Evince
gtk4 Fix truncation in places sidebar with large text accessibility setting
haskell-hakyll Rebuild against new pandoc
highway Fix support for armhf systems lacking NEON
hnswlib Fix double free in init_index when the M argument is a large integer [CVE-2023-37365]
horizon Fix open redirect issue [CVE-2022-45582]
icingaweb2 Suppress undesirable deprecation notices
imlib2 Fix preservation of alpha channel flag
indent Fix out of buffer read; fix buffer overwrite [CVE-2023-40305]
inetutils Check return values when dropping privileges [CVE-2023-40303]
inn2 Fix nnrpd hangs when compression is enabled; add support for high-precision syslog timestamps; make inn-{radius,secrets}.conf not world readable
jekyll Support YAML aliases
kernelshark Fix segfault in libshark-tepdata; fix capturing when target directory contains a space
krb5 Fix freeing of uninitialised pointer [CVE-2023-36054]
lemonldap-ng Apply login control to auth-slave requests; fix open redirection due to incorrect escape handling; fix open redirection when OIDC RP has no redirect URIs; fix Server Side Request Forgery issue [CVE-2023-44469]
libapache-mod-jk Remove implicit mapping functionality, which could lead to unintended exposure of the status worker and/or bypass of security constraints [CVE-2023-41081]
libclamunrar New upstream stable release
libmatemixer Fix heap corruptions / application crashes when removing audio devices
libpam-mklocaluser pam-auth-update: ensure the module is ordered before other session type modules
libxnvctrl New source package split from nvidia-settings
linux New upstream stable release
linux-signed-amd64 New upstream stable release
linux-signed-arm64 New upstream stable release
linux-signed-i386 New upstream stable release
llvm-defaults Fix /usr/include/lld symlink; add Breaks against not co-installable packages for smoother upgrades from bullseye
ltsp Avoid using mv on init symlink
lxc Fix nftables syntax for IPv6 NAT
lxcfs Fix CPU reporting within an arm32 container with large numbers of CPUs
marco Only enable compositing if it is available
mariadb New upstream bugfix release
mate-notification-daemon Fix two memory leaks
mgba Fix broken audio in libretro core; fix crash on hardware incapable of OpenGL 3.2
modsecurity Fix denial of service issue [CVE-2023-38285]
monitoring-plugins check_disk: avoid mounting when searching for matching mount points, resolving a regression in speed from bullseye
mozjs102 New upstream stable release; fix incorrect value used during WASM compilation [CVE-2023-4046], potential use after free issue [CVE-2023-37202], memory safety issues [CVE-2023-37211 CVE-2023-34416]
mutt New upstream stable release
nco Re-enable udunits2 support
nftables Fix incorrect bytecode generation hit with new kernel check that rejects adding rules to bound chains
node-dottie Security fix (prototype pollution) [CVE-2023-26132]
nvidia-settings New upstream bugfix release
nvidia-settings-tesla New upstream bugfix release
nx-libs Fix missing symlink /usr/share/nx/fonts; fix manpage
open-ath9k-htc-firmware Load correct firmware
openbsd-inetd Fix memory handling issues
openrefine Fix arbitrary code execution issue [CVE-2023-37476]
openscap Fix dependencies of openscap-utils and python3-openscap
openssh Fix remote code execution issue via a forwarded agent socket [CVE-2023-38408]
openssl New upstream stable release; security fixes [CVE-2023-2975 CVE-2023-3446 CVE-2023-3817]
pam Fix pam-auth-update --disable; update Turkish translation
pandoc Fix arbitrary file write issue [CVE-2023-35936]
plasma-framework Fix plasmashell crashes
plasma-workspace Fix crash in krunner
python-git Fix remote code execution issue [CVE-2023-40267], blind local file inclusion issue [CVE-2023-41040]
pywinrm Fix compatibility with Python 3.11
qemu Update to upstream 7.2.5 tree; ui/vnc-clipboard: fix infinite loop in inflate_buffer [CVE-2023-3255]; fix NULL pointer dereference issue [CVE-2023-3354]; fix buffer overflow issue [CVE-2023-3180]
qtlocation-opensource-src Fix freeze when loading map tiles
rar Upstream bugfix release [CVE-2023-40477]
reprepro Fix race condition when using external decompressors
rmlint Fix error in other packages caused by invalid python package version; fix GUI startup failure with recent python3.11
roundcube New upstream stable release; fix OAuth2 authentication; fix cross site scripting issues [CVE-2023-43770]
runit-services dhclient: don't hardcode use of eth1
samba New upstream stable release
sitesummary New upstream release; fix installation of sitesummary-maintenance CRON/systemd-timerd script; fix insecure temporary file and directory creation
slbackup-php Bug fixes: log remote commands to stderr; disable SSH known hosts files; PHP 8 compatibility
spamprobe Fix crashes parsing JPEG attachments
stunnel4 Fix handling of a peer closing TLS connection without proper shutdown messaging
systemd New upstream stable release; fix minor security issue in arm64 and riscv64 systemd-boot (EFI) with device tree blobs loading
testng7 Backport to stable for future openjdk-17 builds
timg Fix buffer overflow vulnerability [CVE-2023-40968]
transmission Replace openssl3 compat patch to fix memory leak
unbound Fix error log flooding when using DNS over TLS with openssl 3.0
unrar-nonfree Fix remote code execution issue [CVE-2023-40477]
vorta Handle ctime and mtime changes in diffs
vte2.91 Invalidate ring view more often when necessary, fixing various assertion failures during event handling
x2goserver x2goruncommand: add support for KDE Plasma 5; x2gostartagent: prevent logfile corruption; keystrokes.cfg: sync with nx-libs; fix encoding of Finnish translation

Aggiornamenti della sicurezza

Questa revisione contiene i seguenti aggiornamenti per la sicurezza del rilascio stabile. Il gruppo della sicurezza ha già rilasciato i bollettini per ciascuno di questi aggionamenti:

Numero del bollettino Pacchetto
DSA-5454 kanboard
DSA-5455 iperf3
DSA-5456 chromium
DSA-5457 webkit2gtk
DSA-5458 openjdk-17
DSA-5459 amd64-microcode
DSA-5460 curl
DSA-5462 linux-signed-amd64
DSA-5462 linux-signed-arm64
DSA-5462 linux-signed-i386
DSA-5462 linux
DSA-5463 thunderbird
DSA-5464 firefox-esr
DSA-5465 python-django
DSA-5466 ntpsec
DSA-5467 chromium
DSA-5468 webkit2gtk
DSA-5469 thunderbird
DSA-5471 libhtmlcleaner-java
DSA-5472 cjose
DSA-5473 orthanc
DSA-5474 intel-microcode
DSA-5475 linux-signed-amd64
DSA-5475 linux-signed-arm64
DSA-5475 linux-signed-i386
DSA-5475 linux
DSA-5476 gst-plugins-ugly1.0
DSA-5477 samba
DSA-5479 chromium
DSA-5481 fastdds
DSA-5482 tryton-server
DSA-5483 chromium
DSA-5484 librsvg
DSA-5485 firefox-esr
DSA-5487 chromium
DSA-5488 thunderbird
DSA-5491 chromium
DSA-5492 linux-signed-amd64
DSA-5492 linux-signed-arm64
DSA-5492 linux-signed-i386
DSA-5492 linux
DSA-5493 open-vm-tools
DSA-5494 mutt
DSA-5495 frr
DSA-5496 firefox-esr
DSA-5497 libwebp
DSA-5498 thunderbird
DSA-5501 gnome-shell
DSA-5504 bind9
DSA-5505 lldpd
DSA-5507 jetty9
DSA-5510 libvpx

Pacchetti rimossi

I seguenti pacchetti sono stati rimossi per motivi indipendenti da noi:

Pacchetto Motivo
https-everywhere obsolete, major browsers offer native support

Istallatore Debian

La procedura di installazione è stata aggiornata per includere le correzioni presenti in questo rilascio minore.


L'elenco completo dei pacchetti cambiati in questa revisione:

La distribuzione stabile attuale:

Aggiornamenti proposti per la distribuzione stabile:

Informazioni sulla distribuzione stabile (note di rilascio, errata, etc.):

Annunci e informazioni della sicurezza:

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