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Subject: [Debian Weekly News] Debian JP News 1999/6/29 - 1999/7/5
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 06:59:13 +0900
From: Katsura S. Yoshio <>


This is the recent news [6/29/1999 - 7/5/1999] from Debian JP
Please wait for a while for the web version of this news, we are now
reconstructring our web repository.

* Bug stamp-out list plotter (debian-users)
Ken Nakagaki posted a revised Perl script to visualize the critical
buglist submitted by Wichert.

  It plots the below lists:
	a. The cumulative number of new BUG
	b. The cumulative number of modified BUG
	c. The number of remained BUG
	d. The all number of Release critical BUG
	e. The cumulative number of all BUG

(The script and PS gzipped result)

* The obsolete BUG
 To open the BUG information is the policy of Debian.  However, the
 obsolete BUGs( such as bo-jp ) are still there.  How can I deal with

* Debian JP Merge operation
 Following JP Packages are newly installed to potato. Thanks.
 extipl, mh-ja

*  Package description translation (debian-doc)
Kenshi Muto expresses the will to arrange the translated description

* Web page Japanese translation
Yoshizumi Endo's work on this week
  ** translation update

  **  new translation

Thanks a lot for the below contribution from Debian JP project:
JP Merge Program information: Taketoshi Sano

Best Regards,  K.S.Yoshio
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