Debian Weekly News - July 20th, 1999

Welcome to Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the Debian developer community. I'm on vacation this week so this issue is a day late.

Is Bruce Back? Bruce Perens was interviewed in LinuxWorld and talks about Debian: "After a bad year, Debian has started going for users. It has a new project leader, Wichert Akkerman, and a deal with Corel, who will package a commercial version of Debian and KDE". And then he drops this bombshell: "Some of my old Debian packages need a maintainer, and I'll probably take them up again.".

The design specification for DpkgV2 has been released. It is a very modular design, and the most interesting feature is support for numerous different package formats. DpkgV2 is intended to be used mostly as a library from within other front end tools.

An interesting development from the Debian-JP project is a single floppy ftp server using Debian. For details and other news, see the Debian-JP news.

Linux Gazette posted an article about installing Debian via a PLIP link if you lack CD and ethernet. It sure beats 6 floppies..

Red Hat's recent offer to let members of the linux community buy shares of their stock before their IPO was sent to every developer on the Debian keyring. While some people view this offer and the way is was presented as akin to spam, others do appreciate it.

Local events:

Server news for this week revolves around disk problems and fixes:

Followups to last week's news:

Thanks to Katsura S. Yoshio and Christian Meder for contributing.

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