Debian Weekly News - email

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 12:03:42 -0700
From: Darren Benham <>
To: Debian Development <>
Subject: Debian BTS

Well, we did it.

The software used by Debian for it's bug tracking, debbugs, was packaged for
distribution several months ago and resides in Potato.  Last weekend, Debian
upgraded it's bug server ( to the save version that's packaged.

Now, development continues.  For anyone interested in tracking or being a part
of the advance of the BTS, there is a mail list set up:

And a home page:

Subject: Boot-Floppies: task packages
Date: 14 Sep 1999 22:39:56 +0200
From: "Martin Bialasinski" <>


we redesign the boot floppy's package selection system (preselections
of packages).

The current list will be transfered to ordinary packages, thous
making the whole thing easier to manage. Also this allows to select
a packageset after the initial installation.

See the task-sgml and task-sgml-dev packages in unstable for an

Now I need some help on defining the task packages (and ideally people
to take them). I already mailed some of you, where I thought you were
the natural choice on commenting on a package. Still there are many

The complete set is available at
(and in the CVS).

Specifically, for the following tasks, I could not mail anyone
specific, so I need your helping hand and comments.

task-admin.ctl	    task-backup-net.ctl		task-games.ctl
task-plot.ctl	    task-backup.ctl		task-basic.ctl
task-graphics.ctl   task-prod.ctl		task-gui-dev.ctl
task-high-rel.ctl   task-scheme.ctl		task-lisp-dev.ctl
task-science.ctl    task-debian-dev.ctl		task-mailinglist.ctl
task-sound.ctl	    task-dialup.ctl		task-net-complete.ctl
task-tcl-dev.ctl    task-net-selected.ctl	task-netadmin.ctl
task-webcache.ctl   task-newbie-help.ctl	task-doc.ctl

These are not written in stone (I don't know how to deal with
net-selected and net-complete - they are from the old setup), so if
you want to see some other, don't hesitate to provide one.

Some notes before you make your suggestions:

The task shall give some good starting point, they should not fill the
disk by providing every CD player in unstable. Choose one popular. If
someone wants a specific one, he can install it later. KISS. The tasks
should contain only semantically fitting packages (no more games in
the admin task). Only the Depends line can be used (this is what apt

This is your chance to help releasing potato this year. This also
implies that I or whoever takes a task package has authority what goes
in these. No editor or windowmanager wars, we do not have time for

Reply-to is set to debian-boot, no reason to add more traffic to -devel.

Let's finish the boot floppies.


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