Debian Weekly News - May 9th, 2000

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Thanks to the Test Cycle, little has been happening in Debian this week, which makes this a good time for some sysadminly activities on the Debian servers:

The first Test Cycle is a week old now, but final CD images for it have not been announced. The boot floppies are ready though. Release-related posts this week included a look at archive consistency and discussion about release notes and upgrade procedures from versions of Debian as old as 1.1.

The new maintainer team now has a web site with a database of prospective new maintainers that keeps track of how far along in the process each person is. 66 people are moving through the queue. Dale Scheetz mentioned that he is going to start working through the backlog of people who applied to become maintainers since last October.

The Debian S/390 port seems to be getting off to a good start.

New packages in Debian this week include the following and 29 more:

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This issue of Debian Weekly News was edited by Joey Hess.