Debian Weekly News - February 16th, 2000

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The candidates for Debian Project Leader participated on a debate on IRC. Issues discussed included new-maintainer, dealing with Debian's growth, ports to other OS's, the infamous Debian cabal, and the future of Debian. A transcript is available, and the debate web site also has speeches and platforms to help you get to know the candidates. Elections start in one week.

Speaking as release manager, Richard Braakman outlined his new plan for cutting down on the number of release critical bugs. The plan centers around the "Bug Horizon", which is now set for the 28th. Any package that passes through the bug horizon with release critical bugs that have been unchanged for 2 weeks will be removed from Debian. This is rather draconian, but seems likely to be quite effective at motivating people to fix release critical bugs!

Version 2.2.7 of the boot floppies has been released, and as usual anyone can help the boot floppies team by testing the new release.

Security fixes this week included fixed versions of make and ntop, and minor fixes to mirrormagic and slrn.

Lots of Roxen modules were uploaded to unstable this week. The following packages are also brand-new to Debian, along with 121 more.

Followups to last week's news:

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