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Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 14:51:57 -0800
From: "Brent A. Fulgham" <>
Subject: Debian Added to Compaq Test Drive Program

Debian Project
Debian Distribution Part of Compaq Test Drive Program
March 2, 1999
>> News
The Compaq Testdrive program has recently added Debian's frozen GNU/Linux
distribution, potato (aka, Debian 2.2) to the list of systems available
for use.

Compaq is now making testdrives available via the Internet for the Open
Source community. This is a program that lets users world-wide get a
shell account, free of charge, for development and testing purposes.

By registering for a shell account at
developers can evaluate the Debian distributions running on Compaq
AlphaServers and ProLiant Servers.  Current Debian systems are:
AlphaServer DS20 (ev6), AlphaServer XP1000a(ev6.7), and ProLiant
5500 (x86 PIII). All systems have at least two (2) gigs of ram and as
much as 100 gigs of "/home" storage courtesy of a network file system.

The AlphaServers have the latest Compaq optimized FORTRAN compilers as
well as the GNU tools installed.
These machines provide an excellent means  for interested parties to
try out the Debian distribution. In addition, they provide valuable
uptime and stability statistics on newer hardware that can be used to
isolate and correct potential problems on new architectures. These
machines should not be used for benchmarking purposes as at any given
time there are numerous users working on them.

Debian whishes to thank all of the contributors of the system, especially
Michael Waite (Compaq), and David Huggins-Daines, Christian Meder,
and Christopher C. Chimelis  (all of Debian) for their hard work in
configuring and administering these resources.
>> About Debian:
The Debian project is an organization of many users who volunteer their
time and effort.  It's tasks include maintaining and updating Debian
GNU/Linux which is a free distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system,
and the development of the Debian GNU/Hurd operating system.
>>Contact information:

For more information about the Compaq Testdrive program,
please visit the homepage at <>

For further information, please send mail to the Debian Press Team
<> or visit the Debian homepage at <>

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