Notizie settimanali Debian - Indice 2001

Qui ci sono tutti i numero già usciti delle notizie settimanali Debian per il 2001.

27 dic 2001 Christmas, Timeline, Localisation, 2.2r5, Quality
19 dic 2001 Hurd CD, Security, Acronyms, Mailing Lists, Quality, Java
12 dic 2001 No Ports, FOSDEM, Acronyms, Apache, Testing FAQ, KDE, Menus
05 dic 2001 GPM, Freeze, DFSG, Documentation, Events, Automatic Package Building
21 nov 2001 Bug Tracking System, Spellchecking, Freeze Update, Boot-Floppies
14 nov 2001 Licensing, Menu, ITPs, Sourceforge, Boot-Floppies, ATLAS
08 nov 2001 2.2r4, Freeze, IRC, ReiserFS, Bug-Squashing Party
30 ott 2001 RMS, Hurd, MPEG, LSB
23 ott 2001 Progeny, Xmodmap, XFree86, RMS, NewbieDoc
15 ott 2001 Automake, OpenOffice, Perl Modules, Webalizer, Truetype Fonts
09 ott 2001 DDP, DDTS, Database packages, Lists, Licenses
03 ott 2001 Debian international, Boot-floppies, LaTeX, Securing, LSB
25 set 2001 Xinerama, HFS+, Security, Lists Graphs, X Fonts
17 set 2001 S/390, Lintian, Aptitude
10 set 2001 Jigdo, Pacchetti orfani, Traduzioni, UTF-8
03 set 2001 Lintian, Archivi
14 ago 2001 XFree86 4.1, Debian sta uscendo dallo stanzino del server
31 lug 2001 Sistema base in preparazione, rendere Debian più facile da usare, dimensione dell'archivio
18 lug 2001 Ondeggia il numero dei bachi, reportage da LinuxTag e DebConf 1
01 lug 2001 GCC 3.0, Python, Debian-BSD, Events, Woody Freeze
25 giu 2001 KDE 2.2 Alpha Packages, Traceroute discussion, Newbie tips
11 giu 2001 down, bug #100 000 passed, newbie hints
29 mag 2001 Autoconf 2.5, theme packaging and security discussions
22 mag 2001 Hurd ISOs available, debian-user discussions
14 mag 2001 Boot floppies and more boot floppies
06 mag 2001 DWN reborn, dpkg update, unusually heated flame wars
29 mar 2001 Ben Collins elected DPL; last edition of DWN for a while
14 mar 2001 Signed packages and releases on the horizon; stable update; DPL elections under way
06 mar 2001 Elections to begin; bugsquash party a success
21 feb 2001 Planning for the freeze; boot-floppies need help
13 feb 2001 More DPL candidates; new maintainer changes; testing troubles
30 gen 2001 DPL nominations; Corel and Stormix trouble
17 gen 2001 Debian boots on IA-64; moving crypto to the US
09 gen 2001 the new kernel and Debian; First Debian conference; tar and lilo problems; changelog content
02 gen 2001 A testing update; /usr/share/doc revisited; dpkg wishlist

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Redattori di Debian Weekly News sono Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier and Martin 'Joey' Schulze.