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From: Yooseong Yang <>

English Translation of this item in the korean-only KLDP Geekforum.

What is the most suitable distribution for software developers?

You've had difficulties in compiling software because it required gcc-2.xx? Because other software require kgcc and in some cases additional binary files were required? You have also encountered a problem like "segmentation fault" and your program terminated right away? After you upgraded your compiler or changed it to the other compiler, and you did the same to libraries, you may be able to solve these weird problems. Many developers, however, are quite disappointed with gdb, glibc, gcc as well as malloc related libraries which are fundamentally provided by some GNU/Linux distributions. In this situation, what do you think is the most appropriate GNU/Linux distribution for a developers, not for server administrators?

More than 50% of the readers who voted, prefered Debian GNU/Linux over other GNU/Linux distributions. They explained that it is because Debian GNU/Linux provides different version of gcc, glibc and gdb, and also gives the opportunity for the user to easily switch to other programs using the "alternative" function. They thought, that the Bug Tracking System is a powerful tool that makes Debian GNU/Linux more reliable.

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