Debian Weekly News - E-Mail

From: Christian Wenke <>


I have something interesting for the DWN:

Christian Wenke discovered scmxx, a nice tool to load handylogos, addressbooks, sms, etc. to or from a Siemens handy. scmxx comes with a example Debian logo, which is unfortunately not usable for a small display like the M25i or S35i has. So Christian created a new one based on the image at Anyone, who is interested in this nice logo is welcome to use it on his (or her) mobile phone.

To load the image to a mobile phone use a syntax like this:

scmxx --device /dev/ttyS1 --send --bitmap=0 debian-handy-logo.bmp

For more details on the command line options see the manpage.

Unfortunately I have no webspace to put the logo on, so I attached the file. I hope you can put it somewhere on a webserver.

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