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-lilo(lilo@lilo.staff.freenode)- [Global Notice] Hi all. On behalf of PDPC and
                freenode, I wanted to let you know that, after these messages,
                we are discontinuing the global fundraising notices and
                wallops.  As you may know, freenode (formerly OPN) is now a
                service of Peer-Directed Projects Center.
-lilo(lilo@lilo.staff.freenode)- [Global Notice] As a new nonprofit, PDPC is
                in need of funding, but with the unhappiness expressed at
                these fundraising notices, we've decided it's best to retire
                them in favor of less intrusive fundraising methods.
-lilo(lilo@lilo.staff.freenode)- [Global Notice] On behalf of the board of
                PDPC and the staff of freenode, we apologize sincerely to
                anyone who has been offended by the notices, and refer you to
                our website ( if you should wish to
                contribute. Thanks for your attention and have a good day.

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