Debian Weekly News - E-Mail

Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 15:53:41 +0100
Subject: on mirrors
From: Josip Rodin <>


I thought you might want to mention this in the DWN, somewhere near the
bottom, or as a separate file:

After the last rsync breakage, most of the Debian mirrors recuperated
automatically. Two of the official archive mirrors, and were
still having problems, but they're both being fixed (the Austrian site a bit
more slowly, though). Two of the official web mirrors, and,
were also having difficulties for some time, but both are fixed.

People should use the mirrors whenever they can :) regardless of whether and seem fast enough.

And lastly, mirroring trivia of the day :) There are currently 290
officially registered Debian mirrors.

Obviously, most if not all of these are updated every day, but the mirror
maintainers are often puzzled as to where to update from. We generally
recommend using the official mirrors or any other mirror that's fast and
reliable enough. The most popular mirrors when it comes to other servers
mirroring from them are:

  * five US servers joined[1] in, with the total of 44 direct
    "children" mirrors,
  * the first German server,, with 30, and
  * the British with 22.

Of special note is the Swedish mirror cluster[2] at, with "just"
20 direct children but with the total of 62 sites (including the German 30)
mirroring from it.

I'd encourage any mirror maintainers reading to investigate what's been
changed at since the last time they checked.

[1] DNS round-robin. Hint: run host a few times.

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