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From: Georg Lehner (
Subject: Debian in Central America
Debian is spreading in Central America.  In Nicaragua there are yet
three Universities, which employ Debian in servers and routers, see,,

This week finishes a five day intensive workshop about Debian with the
participation of 15 system administrators of the biggest university
UNAN-Managua, with which it is expected that about four remote campus
spread over the whole national area will lauch themselves to the
Internet, also using Debian Gnu/Linux as there OS environment.

The national engineering University UNI,
maintains a Debian mirror for the i386 architecture at, and has recently joined also the LinEX
project for which it will provide a mirror "real
soon now".

Also one of the commercial Internet Providers,
has recently switched its servers from Windows NT to Debian Gnu/Linux,
while Magma Soft [note of the author, that's
just my personal server] uses Debian since ever.

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