Notícias do Projeto Debian - Índice de 2008

Aqui estão as edições anteriores das Notícias Semanais do Debian (Debian Weekly News). de 2008.

17 Dez 2008 Release Update, General Resolution: Project membership procedures, Better Support
02 Dez 2008 Etch-and-a-half installation images updated, GNU Affero General Public License suitable for Debian main, Security Teams Meeting in Essen
19 Nov 2008 First release candidate of Debian Installer for Lenny, Debian screenshots service started, Open Use Logo relicensed
03 Nov 2008 Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated, Debian membership, First Lenny Bug Sprint finished successfully
20 Out 2008 Bits from the Debian CD team, Debian, software patents and archive layout, Statistics about usage
08 Out 2008 Bits from the DPL, What you can do for Lenny, 500,000th bug reported
15 Set 2008 Release Update, Should Security Enhanced Linux be priority 'standard'?, Lenny Upgrade advisor
01 Set 2008 Debian Live Lenny Beta1 released, Debian Translations for French and German Reach 100%, Policy for web apps session storage?
18 Ago 2008 Debian turns 15, 8th annual Debian Conference finished, Freespire 5 to be based on Debian
04 Ago 2008 Lenny frozen, Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated to include support for newer hardware, Schedule for 8th annual Debian Conference announced, Debian Days around the world
21 Jul 2008 Updates to the Lenny release process, Debian-installer to support loading of external firmwares, Best practice for debug packages
07 Jul 2008 DebianDay 2008, DPL-initiated teams survey finished, Bits from the testing security team
23 Jun 2008 Call for new New Maintainer Application Managers, keyring package, Debian powers 32.8 TFlops supercomputer
09 Jun 2008 Release Update, Lenny Debian Installer Beta-2, Report from LinuxTag 2008, Call for help by the german translation team
26 Mai 2008 Bits from the DPL, OpenSSL, Perl Transition,, Huge Packages, SANE, Licenses, Enigmail Translations, Debian e-mail Headers, Installer Howto,, Changes in Lenny
09 Mai 2008 Lenny Release, Google Summer of Code, debimg
21 Abr 2008 DPL Election, Survey, Release Update, Google Summer of Code, Study, Reliability, Contributions, Feature Requests, FAQ, qmail, Planet Debian, Old Machines, SE Linux, ftp master, Groupware Meeting

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