Debian Project News - 2010 Index

Here are the recent back issues of Debian Project News.

08 Dec 2010 Updated Debian GNU/Linux: 5.0.7 released, Debian WWW Sprint, ZFS Support in Squeeze
22 Nov 2010 State of Debian 6.0 Squeeze, Debian linux-2.6 Meeting, new default artwork for Debian Squeeze, Debian Women IRC Training Sessions
08 Nov 2010 Google Code-in 2010, report from openSUSE Conference, Debian Installer 6.0 Beta1 release
18 Oct 2010 State of Debian 6.0 Squeeze,, updated DebianEdu, new sloppy backports, Debian project membership
04 Oct 2010 Constant Usable Testing, bits from FTP Team, Google Summer of Code, bits from the Publicity Team
21 Sep 2010 Linux Mint Debian Edition, grave software bugs, Debian to welcome non-packaging contributors
08 Sep 2010 Bits from the Debian Women project, DebConf10 DPL report, Backports service becoming official
26 Aug 2010 Debian turns 17, screenshots at, some bits from ARM porters
09 Aug 2010 Debian Squeeze frozen, DebConf10 ended, free Debian book, Debian Live Squeeze alpha2
26 Jul 2010 Debian Day in New York, MiniDebConf in India, Debian Installer beta1, Debian Podcast, how to attract more users?
12 Jul 2010 Bug Squashing in Munich, Upcoming Debian Birthday, Bits from the listmasters, Bits from the DPL
28 Jun 2010 Bits from the Release Team, call for volunteers for DebConf10, Debian Live Web Images Builder, results from the Debian community poll, FAI workshop 2010, Debian Project at LSM/RMLL 2010, Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Lenny updated
14 Jun 2010 Debian Community Poll, automatic installation of hardware-specific packages, desktop artwork and themes for Squeeze
31 May 2010 Bits from the DPL, Parallel booting, DebConf Reconfirmation, Declassification of the debian-private list
18 May 2010 DebConf10 update, Squeeze freeze, Debian-Ubuntu relationship
03 May 2010 New Debian Project Leader, Special funding for DebConf Newbies, Debian welcomes Google Summer of Code students
12 Apr 2010 Debian Project Leader Election, Bits from the Release Team, Estimates of the number of Debian users

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