Debian Project News - 2012 Index

Here are the recent back issues of Debian Project News.

24 Dec 2012 Wheezy freeze: reviewers needed, bits from the DPL, BSP in Mechlin
10 Dec 2012 Record number of participants for Mini Debconf Paris, Debian on mobiles, official Debian images on AWS Marketplace, reports from the latest Bug Squashing Parties
26 Nov 2012 Help your language reach 100% support in the Debian Installer, Debian Installer 7.0 beta4 released, Debian newcomer experience survey
12 Nov 2012 Code search engine for Debian, bits from the DPL, one step closer to Wheezy
29 Oct 2012 Debian Installer 7.0 Beta3 released, report from the latest BSPs
15 Oct 2012 Report from the FTP Team meeting, bits from the DPL, decrease in bug reporting rate in Debian
01 Oct 2012 Update for Debian 6.0: 6.0.6 released, reports from the last BSPs, results from Debian's Google Summer of Code, Mini DebConf in Paris
17 Sep 2012 Bits from the FTP Team, bits from the DPL, Technical Committee nominations
03 Sep 2012 Debian's presence at RMLL 2012, 64-bit PC: primary Debian architecture, new mirrors
21 Aug 2012 Debian celebrates its 19th birthday, help the Debian Installer team, bits from the DPL
30 Jul 2012 Debian Med team report from LSM, DebConf13 Logo Contest, Raspbian
12 Jul 2012 New design, DebCamp, UDD update, bits from the DPL
25 Jun 2012 Freeze, mirror redirector, DebConf11 financial and other reports
11 Jun 2012 Debian welcomes diversity, archive rebuilds on AWS, armhf and s390x as release architectures
28 May 2012 Bits from the Release Team, removal of Qt3 from Debian, report from Debian Utsavam
14 May 2012 Update for Debian 6.0: 6.0.5 released, deadlines for DebConf12, General Resolution about diversity statement
30 Apr 2012 Debian clouds, tour in Nicaragua, and European Synchrotron
16 Apr 2012 Debian Project leader elected, registration open for DebConf12, personal BSP initiatives
02 Apr 2012 Bits from Debian Med team, report from DSA team sprint, so long and thanks for all the news
20 Mar 2012 DPL Elections 2012, first Squeeze based Debian Edu released, report from recent Bug Squashing Parties
05 Mar 2012 Rebuild of the Debian archive with clang, Debian Peru revival, DebConf11 report out, Debian Utsav
20 Feb 2012 Goodbye Lenny, GNU/Hurd on the rails, multiarch-ready dpkg
06 Feb 2012 Update for Debian 6.0: 6.0.4 released, bits from the Release Team, bits from the piuparts maintainers, report from Debian Med sprint
23 Jan 2012 Debian ahead on web server, aptitude strikes back, Debian money, IGMP denial of service in Linux
09 Jan 2012 Debian Edu/Skolelinux 6.0.3 beta2, bits from the DPL, new Debian Infographic, new Debtags web interface

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