Новости проекта Debian - Выпуски за 2013 год

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02.12.2013 Bits from the Release team, a new member for the Technical Committee, Alioth is back, reports from November mini DebConfs, bits from the Debian Med team
13.11.2013 Bits from the DPL, a new service to help in making Debian bootstrappable, Mips64el porter box available, last days to donate to Debian Outreach Program for Women
28.10.2013 Bits from the Release Team, s390 removed from the archive in favour of s390x, manpages.debian.net now an official service, Debian increases its popularity on web servers
14.10.2013 Debian Outreach Program for Women matching fund 2013, Bits from the DPL, Debian behind the biggest website in Sweden, automatic removal of packages from testing
30.09.2013 A summary of Debian GSoC 2013, coming updates for Wheezy and Squeeze
16.09.2013 Debian Women IRC meeting, bits from the Release Team, bits from the DPL, videos of Debconf13 available
22.07.2013 Bits from the DPL, community distribution
08.07.2013 Browsable Debian source code, updating delegations, Debian trademark team, architectures supported in Jessie
24.06.2013 DebConf13 will have its DebCamp, Debian Code Search on video, bits from Debian System Administrators
10.06.2013 Debian welcomes GSoC students, results of the OPW experiment, bits from the DPL, expiration of debian-multimedia.org
27.05.2013 Debian GNU/Hurd released, DebConf13 call for papers, bits from piuparts maintainers
13.05.2013 Debian 7.0 Wheezy released, DebConf11 and 12 videos, Debian beyond the cloud, Debian in Google Compute Engine
29.04.2013 Release date for Wheezy announced, first Qt 5 packages in experimental, Debian Edu Wheezy alpha
15.04.2013 New project leader, Google Summer of Code, Outreach Program for Women
01.04.2013 Bits from the Release Team, bits from the DSA team
18.03.2013 Debian Edu Squeeze updated, started the campaign for DPL election 2013, a deeper look inside the freeze, birth of Kali Linux
04.03.2013 Debian 6.0.7 released, call for projects and mentors for GSoC 2013, Wheezy release progress, arm64 image
18.02.2013 Debian Installer 7.0 RC1 released, 700,000th bug reported, bits from the DPL, reports from FOSDEM
04.02.2013 DebConf13 venue and dates, automating Debian bootstrapping
21.01.2013 Bits from Debian Med, a look into the Linux kernel of Debian Wheezy
07.01.2013 wiki.debian.org security breach, bits from the DPL

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