Bits from the Debian Hamradio Maintainers

September 15th, 2015


A lot has been happening recently in the Debian Hamradio Maintainers team and
these bits announce some of the things we've been working on.


 1. New website and future plans
 2. New live images released
 3. New documentation

1. New website and future plans

The Debian Hamradio Blend website is now hosted on at [1a].

This has been moved from in order to allow easier
translations of the webpages to take place. Thanks to Lev Lamberov for
providing a Russian translation and to Jean Paul Guillonneau for providing an
initial French translation.

The framework for this is still being improved, but it is our hope that other
blends will be able to take advantage of this too in the not so distant future.


2. New live images released

New live images have been released based on the 8.2 point release. These are
available at [2a].

As Steve McIntyre mentioned in his email earlier today, work is ongoing to have
these images built on official Debian infrastructure and we hope to have
regular automated builds of live images for stretch soon.


3. New documentation

We've recently uploaded the first version of hamradio-maintguide to the
archives and this has recieved positive feedback so far. The aim of the
maintguide is to document the workflow within the team to make it easier for
newcomers to get started and to help harmonise the packages to allow for easier
collaboration. The guide is available as both HTML [3a] and PDF [3b] on the website.

We're also starting out to build a manual for users of hamradio software in
Debian, to introduce them to software that may be useful for them and to
help them to get started. This will eventually be packaged as hamradio-handbook
and if you would like to get involved in this effort, you can find more
information on the wiki [3c].


Iain -- on behalf of the Debian Hamradio Maintainers

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