Starnix Inc.

Starnix is a technology firm founded in 1998, with a focus on Linux and Open Source. From teaching revision control software courses at Research in Motion to video card driver development for AMD/ATI, Starnix has a proven track record of delivering exceptional service and cost savings by leveraging Open Source technologies.

Such savings extend to their product line, a suite of Linux-based servers including Firewall/VPN, database, network-attached storage, backup and thin clients. These products are supported and maintained by Starnix's managed services.

Starnix continues to significantly lower IT costs for businesses while at the same time enhancing systems security and flexibility. Many of North America’s industry leaders such as Clover Leaf Seafoods, Expedia, Indigo Books and Konica Minolta have realized the benefits of Open Source technologies by taking advantage of Starnix’s products and services throughout the company’s 14-year history.