Debian-Installer release candidate 3

March 23rd, 2005

The Debian Installer team is proud to announce the third release candidate of the Debian Installer for Debian GNU/Linux Sarge. We love doing this so much that we couldn't resist updating the installer one more time before the official release of Debian 3.1.

The most significant change in this release are updated versions of all kernels that include numerous security fixes. Also, users of the hppa architecture, please note that the 2.6 kernel is now used by default, and the 2.4 kernel is no longer available for hppa.

For users of Microsoft OSes, we're pleased to include a new version of parted in this version of the installer, which should do much better at keeping your Windows OS bootable when partitioning for Debian.

Of course this release also includes three months of improvements to the software in Debian sarge.

We've also spent the last few months fixing all the other errata items from rc2, along with many other bugs, polishing the documentation, and in general making this the most spiffy new Debian Installer release ever. Come and get it!

Installation CDs, other media, and everything else you'll need are available from our web site.