Debian-Installer errata

Errata for Buster RC 1

This is a list of known problems in the Buster RC 1 release of the Debian Installer. If you do not see your problem listed here, please send us an installation report describing the problem.

GNOME may fail to start with some virtual machine setups
It was noticed during Stretch Alpha 4 image testing that GNOME might fail to start depending on the setup used for virtual machines. It seems using cirrus as an emulated video chip is fine.
Status: Being investigated.
Desktop installations may not work using CD#1 alone
Due to space constraints on the first CD, not all of the expected GNOME desktop packages fit on CD#1. For a successful installation, use extra package sources (e.g. a second CD or a network mirror) or use a DVD instead.
Status: It is unlikely more efforts can be made to fit more packages on CD#1.
Theme used in the installer
There's no Buster artwork yet, and the installer is still using the Stretch theme.
Status: Fixed in Buster RC 1: futurePrototype has been integrated.
Buggy shortcuts in the nano editor
The nano version used inside Debian Installer doesn't advertise the same shortcuts as the regular nano package (on installed systems). In particular the suggestion to use C-s to Save seems to be a problem for people using the installer on a serial console (#915017).
Status: Fixed in Buster RC 1.
Broken rendering for Gujarati
It was only discovered too late for the D-I Buster Alpha 4 release that rendering for the Gujarati language was broken, due to an issue with the needed fonts for this language (#911705).
Status: Fixed in Buster Alpha 5.
TLS support in wget is broken
A change in the openssl library leads to some issues for its users, since a configuration file that was initially optional suddenly became mandatory. As a consequence, at least wget doesn't support HTTPS within the installer (#926315).
Status: The root cause has been identified and a fix is expected for D-I Buster RC 2.
Entropy-related issues
Even with functional HTTPS support in wget, one might run into entropy-related issues, depending on the availability of a hardware random number generator (RNG) and/or on a sufficient number of events to feed the entropy pool (#923675). Usual symptoms can be a long delay when the first HTTPS connection happens, or during SSH keypair generation.
Status: This needs to be investigated.
LUKS2 is incompatible with GRUB's cryptodisk support
It was only lately discovered that GRUB has no support for LUKS2. This means that users who want to use GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK and avoid a separate, unencrypted /boot, won't be able to do so (#927165). This setup isn't supported in the installer anyway, but it would make sense to at least document this limitation more prominently, and to have at least the possibility to opt for LUKS1 during the installation process.
Status: Some ideas have been expressed on the bug.