Checklist for Application Managers

Note: The AM Tutorial wiki page is more up to date than this page.

This checklist only covers the most important areas of the NM checks. Depending on the Applicant's background and plans in the project, an Application Manager may choose to ignore some of the things listed here or to add others.

Also see the Mini-HOWTO for Application Managers.

Identification Check

The Applicant has to have an OpenPGP public key signed by at least one Debian member. If possible, at least one other signature from a well-connected OpenPGP key is also required. Always use gpg --check-sigs, not gpg --list-sigs to verify an Applicant's identity.

The OpenPGP key that will go to the Debian Keyring needs to be a version 4 key. To check this, get the fingerprint of the key and check if it's either 32 or 40 hexadecimal digits long. Version 3 keys have only 32 digits, version 4 have 40 digits. This key doesn't have to be the same as the one that is used to verify the Applicant's identity.

Applicants must have an encryption key. Check this by running gpg --list-keys <KeyID>. If the output doesn't contain a line with either <Number>E/<KeyID> or <Number>g/<KeyID>, the Applicant needs to add an encryption subkey.

If the Applicant can't provide a signed key, a government-issued photo ID can be used for identification. Please contact the Front Desk in such cases.

Additional verification options can be used if there is some doubt about the identity of the Applicant:

Philosophy and Procedures

There are no fixed rules for this part, but some areas should always be covered (and it is recommended to discuss the others):

Tasks and Skills

What needs to be covered by the T&S checks depends on the area the Applicant wishes to work in:

Final Application Report to the Debian Account Manager

After all checks are finished and the AM is satisfied with the Applicant's performance, a report should be submitted to the Debian Account Manager and the New Member Front Desk. It should document what was done to satisfy the different parts of the New Member checks and also contain all information collected about the Applicant.

The email should be directed at <> and <> and contain the following things:

This completes the Application Manager's responsibilities in the application process. The New Member Front Desk and the Account Manager will check and judge the application report.

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