Debian's Norwegian Corner

On this page you will find information for Norwegian Debian users. If you have something you think belongs here, please write one of the Norwegian translators.

Mailing lists

Debian does not currently have any official mailing lists in Norwegian. If there is any interest we can create one or more, for users and/or developers.


Some links which may be of interest for Norwegian Debian users:

Norwegian contributors to the Debian Project

Currently active Norwegian Debian Developers:

This list is updated infrequently so you might want to check the Debian Developers Database - just select Norway as country.

Former Norwegian Debian Developers:


The Debian web pages are currently translated to Norwegian by:

If you are interested in translating, please begin by reading the information for translators.

The Debian web pages was earlier translated by:

If you would like to help out, or if you know of someone else who in one way or another is involved in the Debian project, please contact one of us.