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Slovak localization of Debian

The Debian's Slovak translations is coordinated via the mailing list. The mailing list registration form and archives are available at

Interesting Links

Debian web site translation

The Debian project web site is often one of the first points of contact for users and provides them with basic information. Availability of information in user's language is considered important not only by translators, but by the Debian project itself.

Debian Description Translation Project

The DDTP is focused on translating the descriptions of Debian packages, as package managers display them. Slovak translations are made only via the web interface.

Translation of Debconf templates

Translation of Debconf templates means translation of the configuration dialogs of Debian packages. Translation configuration dialogs are translated using their PO templates.

Current status Slovak translations:

Yearly review podebconf-en

Debian Installer

D-I is the tool which helps you install Debian on your system. Slovak translation of the installer has a long tradition and is translated using PO templates.

List of terms

Only the Slovak version of this is available.