Debian Turkish Pages

Debian Turkish Web Pages are translated and kept up-to-date by volunteers in line with the spirit of Debian project. Unfortunately, some pages might not be current at this time due to insufficient volunteers. In such cases, there will be a warning message stating that the original page is newer. If you would like to report any errors in Turkish pages, please feel free to contact us using one of the following methods.

Turkish Help

Turkish Debian users may ask for help in Turkish through the emailing list called debian-user-turkish. Use the form on that page in order to join the list.

Turkish Localization

Debian Turkish Localization Project is an effort to have Debian conform to the Turkish Debian users' region and language. Translation of web pages into Turkish is only a small part of this effort. You can get more information about this work on our project pages. You can also contribute to the project by joining the emailing list debian-l10n-turkish created to coordinate communication between volunteers.