Status of Debconf templates l10n with PO files for language code: bs — Bosnian

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685 strings are translated to this language (from 2871). The packages are in three pools: translations underway, translations uptodate and translations to do.

Packages are prepended with an exclamation mark when they contain errors related to po-debconf. In such cases translators should first check if the errors are not specific to one language. Otherwise, they should report the error and work on other packages until the broken package get fixed.

In each table, packages are sorted according to their popcon score, so that translators can focus on the most popular packages.

Before translating or updating debconf templates of a package, please check they are not currently under review. This review process is likely to change the original strings, so please wait until it has concluded, then start your translation. If you already translated these templates, you will be notified at the end of the review process to update your translation. If the review is marked with the bts status, you should base your translation only on the templates sent in the bug.

Packages with po-debconf support and for which translation is underway

You can update these PO files, and submit them as bug reports to package maintainers. To start a new translation for a package, read this list of packages shipping such PO files.

Section: main

Package Score File Translator
  console-setup 96% (172t;3f;3u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  exim4 67% (41t;20f;0u)bs.poSafir Secerovic
  dictionaries-common 20% (6t;11f;13u)bs.poSafir Šećerović
  cdebconf 90% (40t;1f;3u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  console-common 41% (10t;12f;2u)bs.poSafir Secerovic
  apt-setup 97% (71t;0f;2u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  cdrom-detect 89% (25t;1f;2u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  finish-install 88% (8t;1f;0u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić

Packages with po-debconf support and for which translation is done

Section: main

Package Score File Translator
  debconf100% (17t;0f;0u)bs.poArmin Beširović
  eject100% (1t;0f;0u)bs.poArmin Beširović
  console-data100% (58t;0f;0u)bs.poArmin Beširović
  flash-kernel100% (6t;0f;0u)bs.poArmin Beširović
  debian-installer-launcher100% (4t;0f;0u)bs.poArmin Beširović
  anna100% (12t;0f;0u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  arcboot-installer100% (11t;0f;0u)bs.poArmin Beširović
  base-installer100% (94t;0f;0u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  cdebconf-entropy100% (5t;0f;0u)bs.poArmin Beširović
  cdebconf-terminal100% (2t;0f;0u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  cdrom-checker100% (20t;0f;0u)bs.poArmin Beširović
  cdrom-retriever100% (3t;0f;0u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  choose-mirror100% (39t;0f;0u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  clock-setup100% (15t;0f;0u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  debian-installer-utils100% (14t;0f;0u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić
  elilo-installer100% (11t;0f;0u)bs.poAmila Valjevčić

Packages with po-debconf support and for which translation is to do

The packages below, if any, ship Debconf templates localized via po-debconf, but are currently not translated in this language.

Section: main

bind9 (6), cups (14), cyrus-sasl2 (15), fontconfig (21), discover (2), cryptsetup (4), base-passwd (27), adduser (4), dash (3), ca-certificates (12), apt-listchanges (38), apparmor (3), gdm3 (4), firebird3.0 (8), clamav (178), dbconfig-common (107), analog (3), freetds (3), auctex (8), fpc (10), fltk1.1 (3), cernlib (4), foomatic-filters (18), courier (38), etckeeper (2), dictd (6), collectd (12), chkrootkit (7), boinc (3), (!)apticron (2), beep (6), byobu (3), debian-security-support (7), ddclient (42), encfs (3), fdutils (3), davfs2 (16), ferm (3), atftp (26), cyrus-imapd (3), common-lisp-controller (7), cfengine2 (9), canna (13), dnprogs (15), checksecurity (2), debsecan (9), amanda (2), chef (3), cacti (4), apt-cacher-ng (25), aide (7), ganeti (4), backuppc (7), dwww (19), distcc (20), bastet (3), configure-debian (5), backup-manager (77), console-cyrillic (87), ejabberd (26), abook (2), expeyes (8), astk (12), condor (35), fortunes-de (3), ckermit (9), gcl (8), arno-iptables-firewall (41), dokuwiki (66), apt-build (13), darkstat (4), adjtimex (3), clamsmtp (8), gitolite3 (8), fortunes-fr (3), dma (6), geneweb (32), debian-edu-config (14), cloud-init (17), (!)freebsd-utils (3), apt-cacher (6), debian-edu-install (40), calamaris (37), cxref (2), dvi2ps (8), bandwidthd (14), cloop (2), durep (11), (!)fwknop (6), crm114 (6), am-utils (57), cmucl (3), chemical-structures (2), emacspeak (16), aolserver4 (8), esmtp (20), dibbler (16), ax25-apps (2), fwlogwatch (20), fprobe (4), colplot (6), cpu (13), espeakup (1), bindgraph (7), ez-ipupdate (35), asedriveiiie (3), bilibop (43), ganglia-web (4), eviacam (3), dist (4), bidentd (11), freevo (50), cvsd (59), awffull (2), citadel (28), dtc-xen (32), fwanalog (11), fwsnort (2), dailystrips (3), boxbackup (60), bottlerocket (2), couriergraph (7), email-reminder (13), fts (2), emacspeak-ss (16), apt-listdifferences (5), dhis-client (4), darcsweb (5), fookebox (2), efingerd (9), diaspora-installer (45), charliecloud (4), dotlrn (18), evqueue-core (7)

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