Status of Debconf templates l10n with PO files for language code: de — German

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2812 strings are translated to this language (from 2871). The packages are in three pools: translations to do, translations underway and translations uptodate.

Packages are prepended with an exclamation mark when they contain errors related to po-debconf. In such cases translators should first check if the errors are not specific to one language. Otherwise, they should report the error and work on other packages until the broken package get fixed.

In each table, packages are sorted according to their popcon score, so that translators can focus on the most popular packages.

Before translating or updating debconf templates of a package, please check they are not currently under review. This review process is likely to change the original strings, so please wait until it has concluded, then start your translation. If you already translated these templates, you will be notified at the end of the review process to update your translation. If the review is marked with the bts status, you should base your translation only on the templates sent in the bug.

Packages with po-debconf support and for which translation is to do

The packages below, if any, ship Debconf templates localized via po-debconf, but are currently not translated in this language.

Packages with po-debconf support and for which translation is underway

You can update these PO files, and submit them as bug reports to package maintainers. To start a new translation for a package, read this list of packages shipping such PO files.

Section: main

Package Score File Translator Status Translator Date Bug
  adduser 75% (3t;0f;1u)de.poHelge KreutzmannbtsHelge Kreutzmann2018-05-06 06:51:02898034
  courier 89% (34t;0f;4u)de.poHolger Wansing
  colplot 50% (3t;2f;1u)de.poChris LeickbtsChris Leick2016-10-27 21:57:01842308
  diaspora-installer 11% (5t;0f;40u)de.poErik PfannensteinbtsPfannenstein Erik2018-01-29 21:21:05888785
  charliecloud0% (0t;0f;4u)btsHelge Kreutzmann2018-08-15 10:24:06906186
  evqueue-core0% (0t;0f;7u)btsChris Leick2017-12-07 21:45:02883822

Packages with po-debconf support and for which translation is done

Section: main

Package Score File Translator
! apticron100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poJohannes Starosta
! freebsd-utils100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poThomas Mueller
! fwknop100% (6t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  bind9100% (6t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  cups100% (14t;0f;0u)de.poMatthias Julius
  console-setup100% (178t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  cyrus-sasl2100% (15t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  fontconfig100% (21t;0f;0u)de.poMarkus Hiereth
  debconf100% (17t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  exim4100% (61t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  discover100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  cryptsetup100% (4t;0f;0u)de.poErik Pfannenstein
  base-passwd100% (27t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  dash100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  ca-certificates100% (12t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  dictionaries-common100% (30t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  eject100% (1t;0f;0u)de.poFrank Lichtenheld
  apt-listchanges100% (38t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  cdebconf100% (44t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  apparmor100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  gdm3100% (4t;0f;0u)de.poAlwin Meschede
  firebird3.0100% (8t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  clamav100% (178t;0f;0u)de.poMario Blättermann
  dbconfig-common100% (107t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  analog100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  freetds100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  auctex100% (8t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  fpc100% (10t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  fltk1.1100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  console-data100% (58t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  cernlib100% (4t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  console-common100% (24t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  foomatic-filters100% (18t;0f;0u)de.poMartin Eberhard Schauer
  etckeeper100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  dictd100% (6t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  collectd100% (12t;0f;0u)de.poKai Wasserbäch
  chkrootkit100% (7t;0f;0u)de.poDaniel Knabl
  boinc100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poMatthias Julius
  beep100% (6t;0f;0u)de.poRhonda D'Vine
  byobu100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poMartin Eberhard Schauer
  debian-security-support100% (7t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  ddclient100% (42t;0f;0u)de.poTorsten Landschoff
  encfs100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  fdutils100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  davfs2100% (16t;0f;0u)de.poMatthias Julius
  ferm100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poAlexander Wirt
  atftp100% (26t;0f;0u)de.poMatthias Julius
  cyrus-imapd100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  common-lisp-controller100% (7t;0f;0u)de.poMatthias Julius
  cfengine2100% (9t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  canna100% (13t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  dnprogs100% (15t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  checksecurity100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  debsecan100% (9t;0f;0u)de.poMatthias Julius
  amanda100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  chef100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poStephan Beck
  cacti100% (4t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  apt-cacher-ng100% (25t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  aide100% (7t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  ganeti100% (4t;0f;0u)de.poStephan Beck
  backuppc100% (7t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  dwww100% (19t;0f;0u)de.po
  flash-kernel100% (6t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  bastet100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  distcc100% (20t;0f;0u)de.poThomas Mueller
  configure-debian100% (5t;0f;0u)de.poTobias Toedter
  backup-manager100% (77t;0f;0u)de.poSven Joachim
  console-cyrillic100% (87t;0f;0u)de.poDaniel Knabl
  ejabberd100% (26t;0f;0u)de.poPhilipp Huebner
  abook100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poRhonda D'Vine
  expeyes100% (8t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  astk100% (12t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  condor100% (35t;0f;0u)de.poErik Pfannenstein
  fortunes-de100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poAndreas Tille
  ckermit100% (9t;0f;0u)de.poMatthias Julius
  gcl100% (8t;0f;0u)de.poStefan Bauer
  arno-iptables-firewall100% (41t;0f;0u)de.poMichael Hanke
  dokuwiki100% (66t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  apt-build100% (13t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  darkstat100% (4t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  adjtimex100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  clamsmtp100% (8t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  gitolite3100% (8t;0f;0u)de.poGerfried Fuchs
  fortunes-fr100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  dma100% (6t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  geneweb100% (32t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  debian-edu-config100% (14t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  apt-cacher100% (6t;0f;0u)de.poErik Pfannenstein
  cloud-init100% (17t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  calamaris100% (37t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  debian-edu-install100% (40t;0f;0u)de.poWolfgang Schweer
  cxref100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  dvi2ps100% (8t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  bandwidthd100% (14t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  cloop100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poEduard Bloch
  durep100% (11t;0f;0u)de.poEduard Bloch
  crm114100% (6t;0f;0u)de.poThomas Mueller
  am-utils100% (57t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  aolserver4100% (8t;0f;0u)de.poThomas Mueller
  cmucl100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  chemical-structures100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poMartin Eberhard Schauer
  emacspeak100% (16t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  esmtp100% (20t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  dibbler100% (16t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  ax25-apps100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poJoerg Rieger
  fprobe100% (4t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  fwlogwatch100% (20t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  cpu100% (13t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  espeakup100% (1t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  bindgraph100% (7t;0f;0u)de.poMatthias Julius
  ez-ipupdate100% (35t;0f;0u)de.poJens Nachtigall
  asedriveiiie100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poJens Nachtigall
  debian-installer-launcher100% (4t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  bilibop100% (43t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  eviacam100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  ganglia-web100% (4t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  dist100% (4t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  bidentd100% (11t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  freevo100% (50t;0f;0u)de.poThomas Mueller
  cvsd100% (59t;0f;0u)de.poJens Seidel
  awffull100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poMatthias Julius
  citadel100% (28t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  dtc-xen100% (32t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  fwanalog100% (11t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  fwsnort100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poJens Seidel
  dailystrips100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poErik Schanze
  boxbackup100% (60t;0f;0u)de.poKai Wasserbäch
  bottlerocket100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  couriergraph100% (7t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  email-reminder100% (13t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  fts100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  emacspeak-ss100% (16t;0f;0u)de.poHelge Kreutzmann
  apt-listdifferences100% (5t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  dhis-client100% (4t;0f;0u)de.po
  darcsweb100% (5t;0f;0u)de.poChris Leick
  fookebox100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poStefan Ott
  efingerd100% (9t;0f;0u)de.poJens Seidel
  dotlrn100% (18t;0f;0u)de.poThomas Mueller
  anna100% (12t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  apt-setup100% (73t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  arcboot-installer100% (11t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  base-installer100% (94t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  cdebconf-entropy100% (5t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  cdebconf-terminal100% (2t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  cdrom-checker100% (20t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  cdrom-detect100% (28t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  cdrom-retriever100% (3t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  choose-mirror100% (39t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  clock-setup100% (15t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  debian-installer-utils100% (14t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  elilo-installer100% (11t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing
  finish-install100% (9t;0f;0u)de.poHolger Wansing

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