Status of PO files for language code: gl_ES — Galician @tmpl_lang@ndash; Spain

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15707 strings are translated to this language (from 1153043). The packages are in three pools: translations underway, translations uptodate and translations to do.

In each table, packages are sorted according to their popcon score, so that translators can focus on the most popular packages.

Packages for which translation is underway

You can download and translate these PO files, and submit them as bug reports to package maintainers.

Section: main

Package Score File Translator Team
wxwidgets3.2 84% (1657t;145f;163u)locale/gl_ES.poNuria Andiónproxecto at trasno dot net
openbox 95% (90t;0f;4u)po/gl_ES.poJavier ManceboGalician
gambas3 11% (235t;178f;1584u)app/src/gambas3/.lang/gl_ES.po
gambas3 26% (11t;0f;31u)comp/src/gb.eval.highlight/.lang/gl_ES.poBenoît Minisini
gambas3 48% (36t;0f;38u)comp/src/gb.util/.lang/gl_ES.poBenoît Minisini
brisk-menu 47% (10t;0f;11u)subprojects/translations/gl_ES.poJuan BangaGalician (Spain) (https://www dot transifex dot com/solus-project/teams/68407/gl_ES/)
wxpython4.0 84% (1657t;145f;163u)ext/wxWidgets/locale/gl_ES.poNuria Andiónproxecto at trasno dot net
arduino 91% (554t;0f;53u)arduino-core/src/processing/app/i18n/Resources_gl_ES.poAlejandro DafonteGalician (Spain) (http://www dot transifex dot com/mbanzi/arduino-ide-15/language/gl_ES/)
clipit 94% (74t;0f;4u)po/gl_ES.poCristian HenzelGalician (Spain) (http://www dot transifex dot com/shantzu/clipit/language/gl_ES/)
scummvm 37% (778t;601f;690u)po/gl_ES.poEugene Sandulenko
grsync 60% (98t;17f;47u)po/gl_ES.poDaniel EspinheiraGalician
xmoto 94% (792t;14f;35u)i18n/po/gl_ES.poproxecto at trasno dot net
slic3r-prusa 88% (1666t;98f;127u)resources/localization/wx_locale/gl_ES.poNuria Andiónproxecto at trasno dot net
djangorestframework 2% (3t;0f;98u)rest_framework/locale/gl_ES/LC_MESSAGES/django.poThomas ChristieGalician (Spain) (http://www dot transifex dot com/django-rest-framework-1/django-rest-framework/language/gl_ES/)
opencpn 0% (0t;0f;102u)plugins/chartdldr_pi/po/gl_ES.poGalician
opencpn 41% (50t;0f;70u)plugins/dashboard_pi/po/gl_ES.poGalician
opencpn 0% (0t;0f;265u)plugins/grib_pi/po/gl_ES.poGalician
opencpn 0% (0t;0f;47u)plugins/wmm_pi/po/gl_ES.poGalician
opencpn 70% (1340t;0f;574u)po/opencpn_gl_ES.poGalician
osmo 94% (660t;0f;38u)po/gl_ES.poxesusmosqueraGalician (Spain)

Packages already translated

Section: main

Package Score File Translator Team
filezilla100% (1795t;0f;0u)locales/gl_ES.poDaniel Muñiz Fontoiraproxecto at trasno dot gal
libfilezilla100% (76t;0f;0u)locales/gl_ES.poDaniel Muñiz Fontoiraproxecto at trasno dot gal
wordpress100% (2349t;0f;0u)debian/languages/admin-gl_ES.po
wordpress100% (257t;0f;0u)debian/languages/admin-network-gl_ES.po
wordpress100% (1519t;0f;0u)debian/languages/gl_ES.po

Packages POT files

For packages, that are prepared for translation, but not yet translated into your language, you can find the POT files here:

Link to PO template files

Packages without PO files

Follow this link to see the list of packages without PO files.

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