Cooperation with the FSF

From: (Bruce Perens)
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 96 18:04 PDT
Subject: Debian and FSF Cooperate

Some time ago, the Debian group decided to decline continued FSF sponsorship. This was followed by some well-meaning but very poorly stated messages that enraged many Linux participants.

After an interval of broken communications, Debian and FSF have resumed cordial relations and are cooperating, even though FSF no longer has the control over the project that came with their former sponsorship of Debian, and Debian will _not_ ask for a resumption of sponsorship. Both groups have decided that this should not keep us from working together, and we are confident that we can mend any remaining Linux-FSF schism.

What will come of this? An end to the annoying and useless "FSF vs. Linux" net discussion. More support for Linux in GNU software, and more support for FSF's goals in Linux software.

To commemorate our decision that GNU and Linux should be partners, we will resume use of the name "Debian GNU/Linux" for our system.

Bruce Perens
Debian Project Leader