Kryptografische Export-/Import-Bescheinigung

Folgend der Erklärung bezüglich der Kryptologie-Ausstattung hat die FNISA (ANSSI) der Anfrage die Aktennummer 1101027 zugewiesen.

Dies ist die Übersetzung der erhaltenen kryptografischen Export-/Import-Bescheinigung ins Englische; bitte verwenden Sie für rechtliche Zwecke die Original-Version (französisch).

Paris, 20 January 2011

General Secretariat for Defence and National Security
French Network and Information Security Agency
Regulatory Oversight Office

The Chief Executive of the French Network and Information Security Agency
Mr Yves-Alexis Perez

Subject: Classification of a cryptology equipment
Reference: Your cryptology equipment declaration for Debian version 5.0 (Lenny), registered under the file number 1101027.


I hereby certify that the cryptology equipment indicated in the above declaration comes under Category 3 of Schedule 2 of decree No. 2007-663, 2 May 2007.

I consequently inform you that you may freely engage in transfer operations to a member state of the European Union and export to a third-party state with this cryptology equipment.

This declaration does not in any way constitute a statement about the quality of this cryptology equipment or a recommendation from the French Network and Information Security Agency.

Yours Sincerely

Ivan Maximoff, policy officer responsible for cryptography controls