Debian Partners Program - description

What is the Debian Partners Program?

This program provides a way to recognize companies and projects that provide ongoing assistance to the Debian project. Since these partners are providing a service of some sort to Debian, we will officially recognize them and maintain a good working relationship with them.

Donations to the Debian project do not qualify an organization for Partner status. Donations will be recognized separately.

What are the criteria for Partners?

There are several types of partnerships. Development partners contribute directly to the development of the distributions and related materials. Service partners provide other services to Debian.

To be a partner, at least one of the criteria above must be met. Partners who fall under more than one category can be listed under each category that they qualify for.

What does Debian do for the partners?

Debian will work closely with all partners to ensure that Debian understands the partners needs and concerns, and vice versa. This will enable Debian to remain properly focused within the market through the partner's feedback.

Each partner will have space on the Debian partners web page that describes the nature of the partnership. The partner may provide links to be included in this information.

What do the partners do for Debian?

In addition to meeting the criteria for partnership stated above, the partners should prominently mention Debian in the areas affected by the partnership. They should work with Debian to promote the projects interests. Possibilities include:

How does a vendor become a partner?

An email should be sent to with a proposal for partnership. This proposal will be reviewed by Debian and discussed with the prospective partner. Debian will then make a decision on whether or not a partnership is possible.

How and when do partnerships end?

Debian or the partner may choose to end the partnership at any time. When the partnership ends, the web page entries related to the partner are removed. Partnerships may end for several reasons: