ARM Ports

Debian on arm

On these pages you'll find information about the ongoing effort of porting Debian GNU/Linux to various versions of the ARM architecture which are found in all types of system, from embedded through to large server.

Current Status

Debian fully supports three ports to different flavours of little-endian ARM hardware:

Other ports to ARM hardware exist / have existed in and around Debian - see the wiki for more links and an overview.

For a full and up-to-date list of the different hardware supported by each of the ports, check the respective wiki pages. New ARM devices are released every week, and it's easier for people to keep information updated there.

Available Hardware for Debian Developers

Multiple machines are made available to Debian developers for ARM porting work: (armel/armhf), (armhf/arm64) and (armhf). The machines have development chroot environments which you can access with schroot. Please see the machine database for more information about these machines.


Mailing lists

The Debian ARM port mailing list is located at If you wish to sign up, send a message with the word subscribe as the subject to The list is archived at the debian-arm list archives.

It's also a good idea to sign up with the linux-arm mailing list.


You can find us on IRC on on the channel #debian-arm.


This is a list of significant people who are currently involved in the Debian ARM ports.


Chris Rutter who was the Project Coordinator and Autobuilder Coordinator for Debian ARM port got killed in a car accident. We dedicate the ARM port's release in the Debian GNU/Linux woody distribution to his memory.


These people were helpful in making the ARM port viable for Debian: Jim Studt, Jim Pick, Scott Bambrough, Peter Naulls, Tor Slettnes, Phil Blundell, Vincent Sanders