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News about Debian for PA-RISC

August 6th, 2001

Debian accepts hppa for release with Debian 3.0 (woody)!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the acceptance of hppa as an architecture for the upcoming Debian 3.0 stable release, codename woody. Installation tools for hppa are now in the woody tree, and packages now in unstable are beginning to be promoted to the testing/woody tree.

July 17th, 2001

Official Request to Release with Debian 3.0 (woody)

Nearly 70% of all Debian packages are built and up to date in the archive, an automated build system is running smoothly, installation tools are available in the archive, and the number of running systems is growing steadily.

May 31st, 2001

HP Releases 0.9 CD Images!

HP has made a snapshot of the "sid" unstable Debian tree for hppa available as a set of CDROM images. See the release page for more information. This release makes it plausible that the hppa architecture might be ready to release with woody, though there is much work left to do between now and then!

October 16th, 2000

Binary Trees Created

Binary trees for the hppa architecture were added to the 'sid' distribution on Debian's master site today. Bdale is running an auto-builder, and packages should start showing up on Debian mirror sites shortly. Installation info and some critical packages are still available only through the PA-RISC Linux web site, however.

August 1st, 2000

Name Change

At OLS, the issue of using 'parisc' vs 'hppa' for the Debian architecture string was finally decided, in favor of 'hppa'. This ports page is being moved to reflect the change, and a request is in the works to rename the debian-parisc mailing list to debian-hppa.

March 31st, 2000

HP Contributes Build Machine

HP has made a J5000 available to Debian on long-term loan to aid in compiling packages when we get to that point.

Also, the mailing list debian-parisc has been activated.

March 4th, 2000

Debian PA-RISC Port Officially Starts

A new mailing list, debian-parisc, has been requested but is not active yet.