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Debian GNU/Hurd

Index of GNU/Hurd utilities:
Sync'ing filesystems "syncfs"
Show the passive translator of a FILE "showtrans"
Probing for hardware devices "devprobe"

Sync'ing filesystems - "syncfs"

syncfs can be used to flush the write cache for disk filesystems.

Running "/bin/syncfs --help" gives:

Usage: syncfs [FILE...]
 Force all pending disk writes to be done immediately

  -s, --synchronous          Wait for completion of all disk writes
  -c, --no-children          Do not synchronize child filesystems
  -?, --help                 Give this help list
      --usage                Give a short usage message
  -V, --version              Print program version

 The filesystem containing each FILE is synchronized, and its child
 filesystems unless --no-children is specified.  With no FILE argument
 synchronizes the root filesystem.

Report bugs to bug-hurd@gnu.org.

Show the passive translator of a FILE - "showtrans"

If you want to know which passive translator is connected to an inode if any, use settrans to figure it out.

Running "/bin/showtrans --help" gives:

Usage: showtrans FILE...
 Show the passive translator of FILE...
  -p, --prefix               Always display `FILENAME: ' before translators
  -P, --no-prefix            Never display `FILENAME: ' before translators
  -s, --silent               No output; useful when checking error status
  -t, --translated           Only display files that have translators

 A FILE argument of `-' prints the translator on the node
 attached to standard input.

Probing for devices - "devprobe"

The devprobe utility probes for one or multiple Mach devices. Just specify the names as arguments on the command line: If some of the devices exists it will echo their names one per line and exits successfully, otherwise it will return 1. The provided options make it easier to use this utility in batch mode.

Running "/bin/devprobe --help" gives:

Usage: devprobe DEVNAME...
 Test for the existence of mach device DEVNAME...

  -s, --silent                Don't print devices found
  -f, --first                 Stop after the first device found

 The exit status is 0 if any devices were found.