S/390 Port


S/390 has been an officially supported Debian architecture since the release of Debian 3.0 (woody).

For instructions on installing Debian, see the Installation Guide.

S/390 porting team

The following people contributed to the Debian port to s390:


One build server and the porterbox for the s390x architectures are currently hosted by Informationstechnikzentrum Bund (ITZBund). Other build servers are provided by Informatics Innovation Center, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Marist College. We thank those hosters for their support!

In the past Millenux and the Linux Community Development System hosted such build machines.

Contact information

If you would like to help, you should subscribe to the debian-s390 mailing list. To do this, send a message containing the word "subscribe" as the subject to debian-s390-request@lists.debian.org, or use the mailing list web page. You can also browse and search the mailing list archive.