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Debian SPARC Errata

This page contains a list of well-known problems with Debian SPARC. Stress is placed on the stable release (or freeze, if appropriate), since these problems turn over much less frequently, and effect a greater number of people.

The following list of problems do not attempt to replace the Debian bug-tracking system (BTS). The main purpose of this information is to reduce user confusion, reduce traffic on the mailing list, and to explain workarounds until the bug is fixed. If there is a bug number associated with a problem, that bug number will be noted.

X Window System

Problems relating to the X Window System.

How do I know which X server to run?

This depends on your machine and which framebuffer (video card) you have installed. The following list of X server packages should help -- pick the one which matches your hardware and install the package (and set it the default X server when asked during installation).

Used for most Sun and clone 8-bit framebuffers, such as CG3, CG6, etc. Also includes monochrome support.
Used for BWTWO and other monochrome framebuffers, or operating color framebuffers in monochrome mode.
X server supporting 24-bit color -- suitable for 24-bit framebuffers supported by the Linux kernel. Not too many folks can use this.
Use this X server for ATI Rage framebuffers, such as found in many PCI-based UltraSPARC machines.

Issues with Mach64 Server

This server will only look for the framebuffer on /dev/fb0. You may have to fool around with symlinks in there to fake it.