Apache Auto Parts Incorporated, Parma USA

We are a small business auto parts jobber store running two workstations and one server. Our store uses custom made point of sale software. We chose Debian as our supporting operating system because of it's reliability, security, and ease of use. It was the fastest operating system available for us to support a single purpose retail point of sale system. The freedom and system control Debian offers to the end user without sacrificing stability is one of a kind.

While we are a tiny business, we are a representative from a small old school "mom and pop" type of store to serve an example of how far the Debian project has reached. I would be humbled to have our store listed on your site.

I would also like to express much gratitude to the Debian maintainers. Your operating system in my strong opinion is the best on the market and I continue to use it on every computer I have control over including personal desktops and laptops. After exhausting many options, Debian has undoubtedly won in my opinion as the best operating system available no matter the use. It is truly the "Universal Operating System".

Best wishes- and keep up the great work.