Articulate Labs, Inc., Dallas, TX, US

All workstations/servers used for electronic hardware, software, and data analysis are under Debian, using OpenVPN connectivity. Four workstations run gEDA (schematic capture / PCB design), binutils (GNU baremetal toolchains), Inkscape (graphic generation for authoring patents), USBDM (background-mode hardware/software CPU interface), Saleae Logic Analyzer (USB circuit analyzer), and Bluez (BT development under bash scripts). Three Raspberry OS boxes run Bluez stacks under bash scripting for data BT data collection. One server runs Matlab, Octave, and Mokka (human kinematic visualization) with tightvnc interface. One server runs a LAMP stack. One server running Subversion, postfix, and courier is being migrated from Ubuntu to Debian. Debian bridges the gap between terminal and GUI users far better and is much more stable than its competitors.

Last Updated: March 3rd, 2021