GigaTux, London, UK

GigaTux is a web and VPS hosting company with a primary focus on offering the most stable platforms possible, based on free and open source technologies.

GigaTux's main focus is on Xen VPS servers and all of our Xen dom0 setups run Debian for its combination of tried and tested stability and a reliable upgrade path. When up to one hundred separate VPS domUs are running on each physical server, so choosing the most dependable Linux distribution is of paramount importance. We have found that nothing has beaten Debian since we started using it from Debian 4.0.

GigaTux always recommends Debian for each domU but we create many different Linux distribution templates for the DTC hosting panel, always making these available for free. Supplementing the OS reliability, we spend months researching the most dependable locations for our Linux hosting servers around the globe.