GPLHost LLC, Wilmington, Delaware, USA; GPLHost UK LTD, London, United Kingdom; GPLHost Networks PTE LTD, Singapore, Singapore

GPLHost operates about 100 servers, (nearly) all of them running Debian. Most of these servers are running Xen to provide virtual servers for the customers of GPLHost. GPLHost is involved in the package maintenance of many Debian packages related to hosting. For example, Xen Cloud Platform is maintained in Debian by Thomas Goirand, who is both a Debian Developer, the CEO and founder of the company.

These dedicated, virtual or shared hosting servers are spread around the world in (currently) 10 locations: Atlanta (us), Barcelona (es), Haifa (il), Kuala Lumpur (my), London (uk), Seattle (us), Singapore (sg), Sydney (au), Paris (fr), and Zurich (ch).