IT services, Lixper S.r.L., Italy

Lixper adopt Debian on all servers for internal services (test machines, development machines, VCS, DMS, CMS, web sites, groupware, GIS) and for services offered to customers (document management systems, ERP applications, remote backups, virtual machines, and web sites). We also use Debian on half of our development machines (laptops and desktops). As of 2024-02-04, all machines run latest Debian release, mostly on amd64 architecture. Lixper invite and support its customers to use Debian systems when its products are to be delivered at customer sites; so currently about 15 Italian customers adopted Debian too.

Lixper chose Debian and GNU/Linux based on its commitment to the free software community, on the stability of its packages, and, above all, because of its timely security updates.