oriented.net Web Hosting, Basel, Switzerland

oriented.net is a Linux based web hosting and server company located in Basel, Switzerland. It provides a wide range of web hosting services such as LAMP, Apache Tomcat, Java/J2SE as well as dedicated servers or virtual private servers. Furthermore oriented.net is the specialist for Java web app hosting, especially Java CMS like Magnolia CMS or Day Communiqué.

We are proud to say that we use Debian GNU/Linux on more than 90 percent of our servers and this simply because of its stability, security and great packaging system. High availability and security are critical for us and our customers since we can't afford a single minute of downtime due to an unstable system. As such it is not uncommon for us to have Debian servers with more than 1200 days of uptime.

But that's not all, when a new customer orders a dedicated server we also highly recommend them to chose Debian as their operating system and we can say that we are quite good at that, with only 10 percent of servers running another Linux distribution or UNIX variant. Of course our dedicated customers are all satisfied with this excellent choice as we at oriented.net are. A big thank you to the whole Debian Team for all of the great work, and keep on going!