Siemens is using Debian in several areas including R&D, infrastructure, products, and solutions.

Debian is used as the basis of many of our products and services in automation and digitalization of process and manufacturing industries, smart mobility solutions for road and rail, digital healthcare services and medical technology as well as distributed energy systems and intelligent infrastructure for buildings.

Debian is for example embedded and part of Siemens MRI scanners, onboard modern Siemens train and metro systems, around tracks and train stations, and many more of our devices. Furthermore, Siemens is a founding member of the Civil Infrastructure Platform, using Debian LTS as its base layer.

It goes without saying that Debian is also an essential part of our server infrastructure. Our workstations and desktop machines often run Debian whenever Linux is required, e.g., most Linux based products within the building technology domain are developed on Debian. Siemens is also offering Debian-based embedded distributions, such as the Sokolâ„¢ Omni OS.

Why we stick with Debian: The high quality and stability we reach by using Debian is just great! and the availability of software updates and security fixes is outstanding, and the quantity of available software packages is amazing.