T-Mobile Czech Republic a. s.

T-Mobile Czech Republic a. s. (hereinafter T-Mobile) operates a public mobile communications network on the GSM standard in the 900 and 1800 MHz bands and is also authorized to operate a UMTS network. Since 1st January 2008, T-Mobile has been providing high-speed internet connection services based on ADSL technology and offering voice services via a public fixed-line electronic communications network. In 2009, T-Mobile extended its portfolio to include the ICT services and as of November 2010, the operator also offers the satellite T-Mobile TV. Since its establishment, the company has placed emphasis on the quality of offered services, excellent customer service and proper conduct towards business partners, employees and the environment.

T-Mobile uses Debian GNU/Linux on servers from small and medium range SMP to high-end NUMA servers. T-Mobile migrated some of customer-oriented and foreign partners oriented Internet services to the best available open source solution during the year 2000. The Debian GNU/Linux distribution is now one of several preferred Linux distributions for most of growing number of enterprise Internet services and applications for T-Mobile customers and partners.

T-Mobile chose Debian GNU/Linux for many reasons: flexibility, robustness, stability, adaptability, functionality, quality assurance, the large number of well tested packages, superior and sophisticated package management system and easy upgrading mechanism, security issues, support for many ways of installation on many architectures and platforms, perfect support for remote administration, and many, many moreā€¦ We can only say: apt-get into it!