Departamento de Informática -- Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil

We use Debian/GNU Linux everywhere and provide a Debian mirror since 1999, and a Debian Security mirror since 2011. Our data center manages packet filtering and routing a 20Gb network, an authoritative DNS server and a mail server, all running Debian stable and unstable variants. Using heavily optimized Debian machines, we are able to provide over 40 mirrors for open source projects, being the largest non-commercial mirror in the South Hemisphere and one of the largest of the world.

With Debian we also provide virtualization infrastructure for research projects. We have brute storage of 1PB across multiple distributed file system implementations, over 1700 processing cores and over 10TB of RAM. We manage over 150 virtual machines, all running Debian, providing a variety of services for the community such as document editing collaboration, learning platforms, video calling, version control and scientific databases. For bleeding edge research, we also manage a cluster with over 46k CUDA cores with Debian. For students, we provide boot over the network facilities, enabling over 370 terminals running Debian and derivatives.

Debian provides us with stability, security and easy maintainability. Our infrastructure is mostly managed by Centro de Computação Científica e Software Livre (C3SL), which is a research group focused on developing open source solutions, being responsible for managing and hosting multiple government projects.