PRINT, Espace autogéré des Tanneries, France

PRINT is a squatted hacklab in Dijon, France. We aim at: empowering people through the use of recycled hardware and free software; sharing knowledge & skills through non-hierarchical workshops; granting open access to the internet through our free-of-charge cybercafé; encouraging alternative content through participation in independent media structures; getting geek and activist cultures to meet through our activities; drinking coffee && apt-get install anarchism && make world.

All our machines — be they firewalls, servers or client machines — run Debian GNU/Linux. We mostly use the testing flavour, though sometimes switching to sid, which often proved to be stable enough for our uses.

We chose Debian for a number of reasons: not only do we find it technically excellent for its clean design, its great package management system, the number of architectures it supports and its security updates, but its commitment to free software and its volunteer-based, not-for-profit operation are what we value the most.