How to get involved in Debian Women

Subscribe to the mailing list

Get to know the other people involved in the Debian Women project and help shape the future of the project by participating in discussion on our mailing list. The debian-women list page includes a form for subscribing and unsubscribing, as well as list archives. (This is true for all the Debian list links in this document).

In addition, everyone is encouraged to subscribe to the debian-devel-announce mailing list, to stay informed about the most important changes affecting Debian.

Submit your bio for the Profiles page

Are you a Debian volunteer, package maintainer, translator, or HOWTO author? We would like to recognize you for your hard work by adding you to our Profiles page of women who have contributed to Debian. Please tell us about yourself and your efforts by answering some questions and submitting your answers to Laura Arjona.

Contribute content for the project website

We are always looking for new content for the site. If you have suggestions or content to contribute, contact the maintainer of that area: