Email: marivalenm@gmail.com
IRC: akira in #debian-reproducible and #debian-women

How long have you been using Debian?

I am a Debian user since 2012. I started making some contributions since January 18 of 2015.

What areas of Debian are you involved in?

I was a Google Summer of Code student working on the reproducibly-builds effort during the summer of 2015. I plan to continue working with them afterwards :)

What got you interested in working with Debian?

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Do you have any tips for women interested in getting more involved with Debian?

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Are you involved with any other women in technology group? Which one(s)?

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A bit more about you...

I was born in Venezuela but I came to Germany to do my bachelor in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. After my bachelor I went to Lund University in Sweden to do my Masters in Bioinformatics. Currently I am back in Germany to do the practical work for my master thesis. During my time in Sweden I took a course on Perl programming as part of my masters. I also know a bit of Python and JavaScript.