Mechtilde Stehmann


How long have you been using Debian?

My first installation of Debian was Woody (3.0) in 2002.

Are you a Debian Developer?

In November 2015 I become a Debian Maintainer.

What areas of Debian are you involved in?

I start my work for Debian with some translations in the wiki and some bugreports. In November 2013 I published my first package Loook. Now I also maintain libreoffice-canzeley-client and calendar-exchange provider.

What got you interested in working with Debian?

I want to make Debian more useful for "normal users" especially around Office applications.

Do you have any tips for women interested in getting more involved with Debian?

They should answer the following questions for themselves: What are your skills? What are your interests? How can you use it to make Debian more popular? There are a lot of skills useful in Debian, not only programming and packaging.

Are you involved with any other women in technology group? Which one(s)?

No specific group.

A bit more about you...

I am a Debian-Woman from North Rhine Westfalia in Germany. I also work on Apache OpenOffice and being there a member of the PMC. I translate parts of the Gnucash documentation to German.

iRC: Mechtilde,, #debian-women at OFTC Mechtilde,, at Freenode

Debian Maintainer