Code freeze (and rumours)

March 25th, 1998

The following is a message from the leader of Debian, Ian Jackson:

The codefreeze for Debian 2.0, the libc6 system, is now in place, and alpha and beta testing will start very soon.

There has been some confusion regarding Bruce Perens's relationship with SPI (Software in the Public Interest, Debian's support and umbrella organization). Bruce is the President of SPI, and felt he was unhappy with certain aspects of the Debian Project's work. Ian Murdock, Tim Sailer and I — the other board members of SPI — are currently discussing with Bruce the future direction of SPI, and SPI's relationship with Debian, and there is an ongoing discussion within the Debian Project about these issues.

However, this will not distract us from our progress towards releasing 2.0. The Debian Project has a long tradition of apparent political instability shortly before making releases, so you can be optimistic!

Ian Jackson.
(Debian Project Leader)